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About us

The yu:talent story began in May 2012 as a concept and accelerated in early 2014 when Tim Parker joined, having spent 15 years operationally within the recruitment industry.

In this time he had observed that it is often the highest billers that use recruitment database and CRM software the least. This is because such systems are often over complicated so rather than aiding performance, they add additional work which takes the consultant further away from their billings.

Our goal has been to create a CRM that consultants will love - a beautifully simple system which flows with the job, not against it.

By developing a simple core system with optional plugins and addons, it can be tailored to the recruiters needs quickly and easily with plenty of scope for development of new tools. In other words, we wanted it to work just like a smart phone where you only add the apps you need.

We can therefore never stand still and the journey to perfection will never end for us, but it's a journey we're only too happy to travel.